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Livolo Originality Warning


Are you thinking of buying any of Livolo Touch Switches?

If so, be aware that recently some chines companies have tried to copy Livolo Switches illegally we have appealed that to the China court and that is under their investigation.

This is our responsibility to our customers to warn you about these FAKE Livolo switches as we everyday receiving several complains about these fake Livolo switches functionality.

What is the problem with counterfeit Livolo Switches?

Buying cheaper fake Livolo products may seem like a good deal, but you don’t know what you are getting for your money. At best counterfeit products do not work as well as genuine products. At worst they represent a serious risk to your safety. Counterfeit switches are not tested against safety standards and are often made from poor quality materials. This means they could easily catch fire, burn or electrocute users.

Additionally, fake switches are often manufactured and trafficked by organized crime networks with the proceeds being used to fund other crimes such as human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorism.

Tips to avoid buying fake switches:

  • Avoid buying from unknown retailers. Please make sure to contact us for confirmation before you purchase any Livolo switches.
  • Unusual packaging is the most obvious sign that a product is fake. Check all packaging for spelling and grammatical errors, especially the company name and instructions inside the box.
  • Other signs include discolored or blurred ink, unusual layouts or fonts. Beware of low prices. If a device is advertised at a price far below its normal value or does not include usual purchase taxes, it is likely to be a fake.

What to do if you think your device is fake?

  • Stop using the device. Fake devices can catch fire or cause injury.
  • Report the device to us and your local trading standards authority.

It takes only several minutes but please make sure to read the FAQ page which can help you decide better.

Because of many complaints and confusement due to companies name and addresses we would like to clarify that we are not selling directly on any online market place (Amazon, eBay, etc) and available distributors are responsible to give direct support and in case there is an issue or disagreement with the seller you may file a claim to their customer protection department as they have full access to your order details and payment.

For Amazon Click Here and for eBay Click Here.

Here is the list of our official websites which our technical expert team give support for:

To request for support you may simply reply to your order confirmation email which you have received after placing your order on any of above mentioned website and our expert team will get back to you to resolve any issue.